Amazing Sugar Art By Carlos Lischetti

Carlos Lischetti sugar art

Cake decoration is an art in itself. There are number of sugarcrafters all over the world who are creating masterpieces with sugar paste. Carlos Lischetti from Argentina is one such master sugarcrafter. But he has created a signature style of his own. He mostly creates human and animal figurine cake toppers. Each of them tells a story of its own. There is a sense of motion in most of his works. As if he freezes a live scene on top of a cake. Each of his work has intricate detailing. It is hard to believe that they are actually hand-crafted. Carlos Lischetti currently works as a contributor to Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine. He also teaches sugar modelling in many schools all over the world. Carlos also wrote books on how to model hand-crafted celebration cakes at home. You can check his latest works at his blog site or follow him in Facebook.

Let’s take a look at some of his outstanding sugar sculptures.

N.B. – All these images are copyright protected to Carlos Lischetti.. So please DO NOT duplicate, print or alter them in any way.

Little Jumping Girl

Little jumping girl by Carlos Lischetti


Geisha by Carlos Lischetti

The Quest For Food

The Quest For Food by Carlos Lischetti

Star Supreme

Star Supreme by Carlos Lischetti

Autumn Breeze

Star Supreme by Carlos Lischetti

Monty, The Sheepdog

Monty, The Sheepdog by Carlos Lischetti

Granny´s Kitchen

Granny´s Kitchen by Carlos Lischetti

Mother And Baby

Mother And Baby by Carlos Lischetti


Fashionista by Carlos Lischetti


Ballerina by Carlos Lischetti

Just Married

Just Married by Carlos Lischetti

Flying Pig

Flying Pig by Carlos Lischetti

Solar Superhero

Solar Superhero by Carlos Lischetti

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge by Carlos Lischetti


Viking by Carlos Lischetti