Tutorial: Candy Tutorials In Photoshop And Illustrator

candy tutorials

Candy….we all are familiar with this small mouth-watering stuff since our childhood. Whatever be the flavor or color of a candy it’s loved by people of all ages. I’m extending my candy-love by listing some fantastic tutorials on how to make candy graphics. This collection includes both Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials related to candy designing. Hope you can’t resist to make a candy art of your own after viewing these splendid tutorials. All of them are very easy to follow and help to create some rich graphics, be it vector or raster. So let’s start our sweet journey….

Illustrator Tutorials To Make Vector Candies

Create A Realistic Candy Bar In Illustrator

realistic candybar

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Illustrator: Symbols


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Create A Candy Inspired Vector Snowboard Design

Vector Snowboard

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Photoshop Tutorials To Make Raster Candies

Photoshop Tutorial: Candy In A Plastic Wrapper

Candy in a Plastic Wrapper

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Photoshop Website Template Stock Photo Orange Candy

Orange Candy

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Create An Icy Cool Peppermint Cough Candy

peppermint cough candy

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Mouth Freshner Polo Candy

polo candy

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Make Your Own Candy Cane

own candycane

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How To Plastic Wrap Your Candy With Photoshop And Illustrator

plastic wrap candy

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Candy Hearts

candy hearts

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Candy Canes – Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

candy canes

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Digital Candy

digital candy

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Well….I could collect this much. If you come across any other tutorial which is not listed here, please share it in the comment area.