Inspiration: Illustrations By Maite Franchi

Illustrations by Maite Franchi

Recently I came across some beautiful illustrations by Maite Franchi. Maite Franchi is a freelance graphic designer and art director. She lives and works in Paris, France. She specializes in illustrations, print and digital artworks. Texture plays an important part in most of her creations. You can follow her works on Behance and Dribble. Know more about her from her website

Presenting some illustrations done by Maite for your inspiration. Do share which one you like the most in the comment section below.

N.B. – All these images are copyright protected to their respective owners. So please DO NOT duplicate, print or alter them in any way.

City Guide: Berlin x London x Paris

City Guide: Berlin x London x Paris

Pineapple City

Pineapple City Illustrations

Back To The Future x Focus Magazine

Back To The Future: Focus Magazine


Vegetables Illustrations

Dogs Everywhere

Dogs Everywhere

Annuaire x App

Annuaire App


Turban Illustration by Maite Franchi


Coffee Illustration by Maite Franchi

Oxbow X Roxy

Illustrations for Oxbow X Roxy


Beer Illustration by Maite Franchi

La Goudale

La Goudale Beer Illustration

Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars Illustrations by Maite Franchi


Fox Illustration by Maite Franchi

Bitossi Home

Bitossi Home Illustrations


Atomes Association Illustrations


Domoclip Illustrations by Maite Franchi

Summer Camp

Summer Camp Illustrations for Travel Agency