Error 404 Pages Of Popular Websites

popular website error 404 page preview
ERROR 404 (Keyboard Concept)
Lizard, torch, 404 error

Websites have become a part of our daily life. We are visiting number of sites everyday. But did you ever notice what comes up when you type a wrong page name or search for something that does not exists in that site? Well, most of the sites nowadays offer a creative or funky error 404 page. So thought of checking out what sort of error pages the top websites offer. Here is a collection of error 404 pages of the world’s most popular websites. The following are among the world’s top 250 sites according to alexa ranking. Many popular sites don’t have a 404 page at all or has a simple text message in it. Those have been ignored while creating this list. Enjoy the other face of your favourite websites.

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1. Google

error 404 google
Google uses a broken robot graphics to connect with the technical things they do.

2. Youtube

error 404 youtube
Youtube uses its popular logo icon in a form of emoticon sulky / sad face.

3. Facebook

error 404 facebook
Facebook uses its iconic like button thumb with a bandage in it’s 404 page.

4. Amazon

error 404 amazon
Amazon has created a unique and adorable error 404 page with images of various breeds of dogs with their names. Every time you hit a missing link you will be greeted by a new dog or dogs.

5. Taobao

error 404 taobao
This Chinese ecommerce site uses a cute graphic illustration and showcases some of the best-selling products in their 404 page, fully utilizing it.

6. Bing

error 404 bing
Bing uses a cute panda graphic and funny text content in its 404 page.

7. Vk

error 404 vk
This Russian social media site uses a creative version of it’s icon in it’s error page.

8. Reddit

error 404 reddit
This popular social media and news site uses a number of creative and funny illustrations for it’s error page. All of them has the logo icon as the main character. I loved the one featured here with vibrant colors.

9. Tumblr

error 404 tumblr
Tumblr uses number of gif animation images as background of their 404 error page. What I liked is their witty content write-up.

10. Imgur

error 404 imgur
This image hosting site uses a funny illustration with creative write-up. The image is an interactive one and am sure you’ll love it.

11. Github

error 404 github
Although the site is for coders but they have a beautiful flat illustration with their logo character in their error page. The image is interactive too.

12. Stackoverflow

error 404 stackoverflow
This Q-Ans site for programmers have used a not-so-impressive image of some lines of codes in their 404 error page.

13. AliExpress

error 404 AliExpress
This Chinese retail ecommerce site uses a suitable graphic in its 404 page.

14. IMDb

error 404 IMDb
This movie information site uses muliple funny quotes based on page not found. Each quote is assigned to a popular movie character.

15. Dropbox

error 404 dropbox
This popular file hosting service provider shows an illusionary image of a 3-dimensional box whenever you type a wrong page link.

16. Coccoc

error 404 coccoc
This Vietnamese browser site features a cartoon robot holding a snapped cable in his hand.

17. Ask

error 404 ask
This browser site uses an image to depict the scenario.

18. BBC

error 404 BBC
This widely popular news site uses a simple error page.

19. GoDaddy

error 404 GoDaddy
It gives the feeling of being lost in a desert. The graphics uses its brand colors and style.

20. SoundCloud

error 404 SoundCloud
It gives the feeling of being lost in a desert. The graphics uses its brand colors and style.

21. The Huffington Post

error 404 HuffingtonPost
The news site kept the 404 page simple with a picture of a dog in it.

22. Etsy

error 404 Etsy
It has a doodle-style illustration in the page not found.

23. Vimeo

error 404 Vimeo
Vimeo has an animated robot graphics along with suggested videos.

24. Zillow

error 404 Zillow
The real estate site has designed a perfect error page with a room image and good text content to go with it.

25. CNET

error 404 CNET
They have used a banner to inform users that it’s a 404 page.

26. Douyu

error 404 Douyu
Douyu have created an illustration using their logo icon.

27. Weather

error 404 Weather
The 404 page is simple with text. Like the text they have used in the error page.

28. Yelp

error 404 yelp
A cartoonish 404 page with animation. Must see.

29. Gfycat

error 404 gfycat
A simple one with the logo icon graphic.

30. Vice

error 404 vice
Good use of photograph with text in it resembling dead end.

31. Huanqiu

error 404 huanqiu
Huanqiu has a graphical error page.

32. Varzesh3

error 404 varzesh3
The error page has an animated graphic of a goalkeeper taking a break.

33. DeviantArt

error 404 DeviantArt
A graphic character makes up the error page of this popular community website for designers.

34. Detikcom

error 404 detik
This Indonesian site has a nice illustrative 404 page.

35. Spotify

error 404 spotify
A clever one with nice text and image.